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General information

What is the difference between quick registration and full registration?

A quick registration (email address and password) will enable you to start creating a document; however, you will not be able to purchase and complete (view fully and print) creating your document without supplying the extra details that are required for a full registration.

What is the difference between a document and a pack?

  • A document will give you just that – one legal document or letter.
  • A pack is a number of related documents that are sold together, for example, complaint letters, or a lasting power of attorney together with a Will.

I’d like to speak to someone about the Slater & Gordon Lawyers online service before I proceed, is this possible?

Absolutely. Just click on Contact us.

What makes Slater & Gordon Lawyers online different from other online legal services?

Most online legal services provide you with an “off-the-shelf” legal document that will be relatively inflexible to your particular circumstances. Slater & Gordon Lawyers online will provide you with legal documents tailored to your specific circumstances.

Our service is driven by our technology, Rapidocs®, which guides you through the whole process of giving us the information we need to create your document. No technical hurdles, no legal jargon - just straightforward questions with clear explanations.

Can I reuse my documents?

It depends on the service you have bought, but not usually. When you purchase a document from Slater & Gordon Lawyers online, you are buying a service that consists of the creation of a single instance of that document together.

This will be made clear before you make a purchase.

How do I contact you?

Just select the Contact us link on any page of the website.

How can I try out your service?

All our document creation services have a link to “Try before you buy”.

‘Try before you buy’ enables you to start a document without initially paying, and creates the document for you as you answer a series of questions. You can complete the document, but certain sections of the text will be obscured from view. Furthermore, you won’t be able to save or print the document, or have it reviewed by a lawyer, until the payment process has been completed.

When using ‘Try before you buy’, you will be unable to save the information you have entered without making payment by using our quick registration.

How do I find a document creation service?

There are several ways to search for services on the website:

  • Search by entering a related keyword into the search box
  • Browse for services that are listed throughout the pages of the website's law guide
  • Pick from the most popular, or related documents list, that are presented throughout the website

I cannot find the document I need to create

Our legal content team are continually developing new and improved services. If a document you require is not listed in the Services page, please email our support team who will advise if there is an alternative that is suitable for you, or if there are plans to release an appropriate service in the near future.

How are documents created?

Your documents are created with the help of our intelligent document automation technology, which asks you a series of easy-to-answer questions that tailor themselves to your circumstances. Each question is accompanied with explanatory notes designed to provide you with the information needed to answer the question correctly. Further guidance and legal information is available in the accompanying comprehensive user notes.

Your document may then either be created for you instantly, or your answers can be submitted to a law firm who will complete your document and return it to you for review.

You can use ‘Try before you buy’ if you want to try out a document before committing any money. Alternatively, if you have already purchased the document, just select the My Templates folder in the ‘My Services’ area of the website, then select the Start document button. The information you enter will be stored securely online, allowing you to access and complete the questionnaire at any time. Documents are stored in appropriate folders for easy management and retrieval.

Can I obtain a VAT invoice?

A VAT invoice is sent out by email for every document or pack purchased.

What is your complaints procedure?

To view our complaints procedure click here.

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Using the service

Which web browser do I need?

The minimum browser requirements for creating documents on the website are Internet Explorer version 6.0 and above or Mozilla Firefox version 2.0 and above.

Why doesn’t the document open in my browser?

If this happens, call our technical support helpline

My account, My documents - I’m confused!

  • My account: Contains the personal details you entered when you registered on the website. From this section of the site you are able to view and/or amend any of these details.
  • Summary: An overview of new documents, documents in progress.
    • My Templates: Here you can start to create new legal documents based on the legal templates you have purchased.
    • My documents: This screen displays all system folders and folders created by you in which your documents are stored.
      • Free trials – documents you have created but not yet purchased
      • Bin – documents you have discarded (these will be deleted permanently after 30 days)
      • Other named folders – these are folders you have created and named

How can I see which documents I’ve tried, and which ones I’ve bought?

When logged in, click on the ‘My services’ link, followed by ‘My documents’.

From this screen you are able to see any documents you have previously tried but not yet purchased. They will be stored in the ‘Free trials’ folder.

After clicking on a document you have the ability to purchase it after which it will automatically be moved to the ‘In progress folder’.

How do I retrieve information on a document service I have started?

Click on the ‘My services’ link when logged in. Here you can track the progress of any service, whether it’s not yet started, in progress or complete.

Can I create multiple versions of the same document?

If you have purchased one of our services, you can generally create a copy of a document from the ‘My documents’ section of the website – see the document options.

How do I print my document?

Once you have logged into the website, visit the ‘My documents’’ section of the website and open the folder containing the document. Displayed on the right hand side should be all the documents contained within the folder you have opened. After expanding the document options select ‘print preview’. This will open the document as a PDF file from which you can directly print a copy.

What is Rapidocs®?

Rapidocs® is our intelligent document automation technology which works by asking you a series of easy-to-answer questions. Based on your answers to these questions your document is tailored to your circumstances. Each question is accompanied by explanatory notes designed to provide you with the information needed to answer the question correctly. Further guidance and legal information is available in the accompanying, comprehensive user notes.

I don’t understand what a question means or is referring to

Next to each question is a small '?' (question mark) icon that you can click on. A small pop-up window appears containing an explanation of the question and often providing an example. You can hide this explanation by again clicking once on the icon.

I have a red asterisk next to a questions group after completing my document

If you have a red asterisk next to a questions group, this shows that you have missed a question.

It could be possible that this was intentional. However, you should double-click on the question group to view the incomplete question and make sure that this omission was intentional.

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Payment and Refunds

How do I pay?

We accept all major debit and credit cards, and payment is made via our secure payment server.

How do I get a refund?

Our refund policy can be viewed here. You can contact us by email, telephone, or write to us.

Please go to Contact us, and either telephone, email or write to us.

How does the refund process work?

If you are entitled to a refund, the appropriate funds will be transferred back to the credit/debit card used for the original payment.

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