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Restaurants (pack)

This pack will enable you to contact a restaurant in relation seeking recompense if you are unsatisfied with your experience – that’s due to poor service, a booking they have failed to honour, or just unsatisfactory food.

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Price: £29.00
  • The ability to draft your document using our simple questionnaire based process
  • No long winded forms to fill in; the document is created in front of you
  • Helpful legal information and guidance notes take you through the drafting process
  • You manage the development, completion and storage of your document

Included in this service:

Complaint to a restaurant about unsatisfactory service (Guidance Notes)
If you recently went to a restaurant and received unsatisfactory service, you can use this letter to complain and seek compensation. The letter also includes an option to reclaim costs for ruined clothes or to reclaim any dry-cleaning costs, if staff spilt food or drink on your clothes. This document is ideally suited if the service charge was automatically included within your bill and the restaurant refused to deduct it. You can't use this document if your complaint is about the quality or standard of the food. This document is suitable for services bought by a consumer (not a business) in the UK.
Complaint to restaurant about a booking not kept (Guidance Notes)
If you have booked a table at a restaurant and they have failed to provide you with the table that you have booked, you can use this letter to send a complaint. To use this document, you must have either been told that there was no other table available or that to get another table that you would have to wait and you could not or did not want to wait. If you have had any additional costs caused by the cancellation of the booking, you can also use this letter to recover these additional costs.
Demand a refund for an unsatisfactory meal (Guidance Notes)
If you have had an unsatisfactory meal at a restaurant, you can use this letter to demand a full refund for the meal. You must have complained to a member of staff at the restaurant in order to use this letter. The letter will also allow you to claim compensation if you became ill after consuming the meal. This document is suitable for services purchased by a consumer (not a business) in the UK.