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Accountants & surveyors (pack)

This pack contains the documentation necessary to complain directly about poor or delayed service by an accountant or surveyor, or to take the matter further and complain to the corresponding governing bodies.
Individual descriptions within the pack explain the appropriate use of each document.

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Included in this service:

Complaint about an accountant's poor service (Guidance Notes)
If you have employed an accountant to do some work for you, and they have not provided a satisfactory service, you can use this letter to make a complaint to them. An unsatisfactory service can relate to the quality of the work done by the accountant, but can extend beyond that to cover other matters, such as whether the work was done on time, or whether the accountant kept you informed or returned your messages. The letter asks the accountant to provide you with their proposal for rectifying the problem, and demands compensation from them if you have suffered financial or other losses. If you receive no satisfactory response to this letter and the accountant is chartered or certified, use 'Complaint to an accountant’s governing body'.
Complaint to a surveyor for an insufficient report (Guidance Notes)
If you have found defects in a property that you recently purchased and these defects were not mentioned in the survey that you paid to be carried out on your property, use this letter to complain to the surveyor and to request compensation. As the letter informs the surveyor that you will be seeking compensation from them to cover the costs of repairing the faults, you should enclose a copy of these estimated costs with the letter.
Complaint to an accountant about their delays (Guidance Notes)
Use this letter if you have instructed an accountant to carry out some work for you, but they have not completed the work in a reasonable time. The document requests an explanation for the delay and, optionally, asks for their estimated costs to complete the work. It is suitable for use by an individual or a business.
Complaint to an accountant's governing body (Guidance Notes)
Use this document to send a letter of complaint to an accountant's governing body. To use this document you should have already sent an initial letter of complaint to your accountant and either received a response that was unsatisfactory or haven't received a response and a minimum of at least 14 days have passed since you sent your letter of complaint.
Request arbitration concerning disputes with an accountant (Guidance Notes)
Use this document to request mediation, conciliation or arbitration concerning a dispute you have with your accountant, e.g. a dispute over a bill or a dispute over poor advice. It is not suitable if your dispute relates to professional misconduct, e.g. fraud or breach of professional conduct rules. If this is the case, use our "Complaint to an accountant's governing body" letter instead. Please note that this document can only be used in England, Wales and Scotland.