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Residential - Notices and letters (pack)

This pack contain important documents to help landlords manage the tenants within their property, from vetting prospective tenant, confirming their status, demanding rent and managing a tenants deposit. See the individual information associated with each document in this pack for a full description of their use.

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  • The ability to draft your document using our simple questionnaire based process
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  • Helpful legal information and guidance notes take you through the drafting process
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Included in this service:

Landlord's demand for rent (Guidance Notes)
This document is suitable for use by a landlord of business or residential property to request the payment of rent due from the tenant under the terms of the tenancy. It should not be used as a demand for service charges, the contents of which must generally satisfy further conditions which can vary greatly from lease to lease.
Letter from landlord confirming status of tenant (Guidance Notes)
Many tenants, particularly those from overseas, require a letter from their landlord confirming that they have a tenancy. This can be important in opening a bank account, gaining employment, and even joining a local library. This document creates a letter from a landlord confirming the status of a tenant. To use this document, you will need to have details of the lease to hand.
Letter requesting references for a prospective tenant (Guidance Notes)
Use this letter to request a reference from a referee whose details have been supplied by a prospective tenant. The references should be obtained from a previous landlord, a previous secured lender, an employer, a bank or a building society.
Notice to tenant(s) of deposit protection scheme (Guidance Notes)
Use this document to meet your legal requirements after taking a deposit from a tenant. It tells tenants which deposit protection scheme is used and, together with the scheme documents that must be provided with this notice, gives them the 'prescribed information' required by law.

Protect the deposit and give this notice and the scheme documents to the tenant within 30 days of the tenant paying the deposit. At the same time, you should also send it (together with the scheme documents) to anyone who paid the deposit for the tenant and, in order to avoid any dispute, the tenant's guarantors (if any). This document is suitable for tenancies in England & Wales.

Notice under section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 (Guidance Notes)
This document is the required notice under section 21 of the Housing Act 1988. It is served on a property owner's tenant(s), where an assured shorthold tenancy has been granted and possession is required. It should be noted that it is a criminal offence to evict a tenant of residential property without a court order. This document can only be used in England & Wales.