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Request a refund for goods not delivered on time

Use this letter to ask for a refund from a seller where the seller has failed to deliver goods you purchased within the time expected. This could mean not delivering by a specific date as set in your contract or where, there is no specific delivery date, not delivering within 30 days or within a reasonable amount of time after the date of purchase (depending on the date of the contract). If you bought the goods without any face-to-face contact with the seller, such as ordering item(s) from the internet or a postal catalogue, or if you have purchased intangible digital content, such as an app, then this letter is not suitable for you. This document is suitable for goods purchased by a consumer (not a business) in the UK.

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  • The ability to draft your document using our simple questionnaire based process
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Included in this service:

Request a refund for goods not delivered on time (Guidance Notes)