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Other complaints and requests (pack)

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Price: £29.00
  • The ability to draft your document using our simple questionnaire based process
  • No long winded forms to fill in; the document is created in front of you
  • Helpful legal information and guidance notes take you through the drafting process
  • You manage the development, completion and storage of your document

Included in this service:

Letter giving a bank authority to release information (Guidance Notes)
This is a letter to your bank giving them permission to disclose information about your account to a third party.
Letter notifying change of address (Guidance Notes)
As an individual or a business, use this letter to give notice of a change of address to a third party. The document is suitable for use whether or not you have a contractual duty to notify the other party of the change of address. Where the letter is sent from a business, it must be signed by an authorised signatory of the company.
Complaint to insurer about rejection of claim (Guidance Notes)
Where an insurance company has rejected a claim and you believe that this is a mistake, you can use this document to raise a complaint. This letter will begin a formal complaints procedure and can be used in relation to any type of insurance policy. This document is suitable for use in the UK only.
Refuse a denial of responsibility by an insurance company (Guidance Notes)
If you feel your insurance company has incorrectly refused your claim on the grounds that the damage was caused by an event that isn't covered by your policy, this letter will raise a formal complaint with them. Before sending it, you should have obtained the second opinion of an assessor. If you have not obtained the opinion of an assessor then use our ‘Complaint to an insurer about the rejection of a claim’ letter instead. Note that this document is only suitable for claims that involve damage to tangible property and should only be used in the UK.
Letter requesting access to view medical records (Guidance Notes)
If you wish to view or have copies of the medical records which are held at your doctor's surgery, you can use this letter to make a formal request. It is necessary to make this request in writing. You can also use this document to request access to view or have copies of the medical records of a third party if you have power of attorney for that person or if you have their consent. Please note that this document cannot be used if the third party is a minor (i.e. under the age of 18).
Complaint to a removal company for items damaged during removal (Guidance Notes)
If you have employed a removal company who has damaged one or more items whilst moving, you can use this letter to demand compensation. The letter will allow you to seek a repair or replacement of the item(s) damaged (depending on which is more appropriate).
Complaint to dry cleaners about garment damage (Guidance Notes)
If you have taken an item to a dry-cleaner and they have caused damage to it, you are entitled to claim compensation under the Supply of Goods and Services Act (and similar provisions in Scotland). This letter can be used if a garment has been damaged whilst being cleaned, pressed or tailored. It will allow you to select whether the damaged garment should be repaired or replaced. You must enclose a photocopy of the dry-cleaning receipt with this letter, to support your claim.This document is suitable for consumers (not businesses) who have used dry-cleaners in the UK.
Demand for repayment of rent deposit (Guidance Notes)
Use this letter to demand that your landlord repay your deposit. The letter contains an option dealing with whether your deposit has been protected under a deposit protection scheme. If the landlord does not respond to this letter, it will warn that you will use the scheme's alternative dispute resolution scheme or take the matter to court. Before taking the matter to court, it is important that you send this letter or else the court may decide that you have acted unreasonably which could result in you not getting your costs of a claim. This document can be used for tenancies in England and Wales and Northern Ireland only.