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Divorce (marriages) or dissolution (civil partnerships)

This looks at how to bring your marriage or civil partnership to an end, allowing you to enter into a new one.

The procedure

The procedure section covers the differences between the 'simplified' and 'ordinary' procedures.


See the Orders section for information about the child-related and financial orders that the court can make.


The Jurisdiction section explains which courts in Scotland can deal with divorce or dissolution, and explains the meaning of 'domicile'.


See the Grounds section for an explanation of the 2 grounds on which you can get a divorce or dissolution, as well as information on the facts that you have to use to prove them.

Dealing with maintenance

In Dealing with maintenance there is information about child maintenance.

Parental responsibilities

This section explains what Parental responsibilities are, who has them and who can get them.

Changing your name

This section includes information about the different methods of Changing your name and the name of a child.