Buying and selling pets

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Over half the households in the UK own a pet, whether they're conventional pets or more unusual animals. There are laws that regulate the keeping of pets and additional laws that apply to unusual pets.

This section looks at the legal regulations involved in keeping a pet.

Introduction to your legal rights

Before buying or selling your pet, you'll need to make sure you've followed your legal responsibilities. See this section to see what laws are involved.

Dangerous animals

If you own a dangerous animal, you must ensure you create no risk to members of the public and look after the animals. View this section for more information.

Horses or ponies

Any person buying a horse or pony has the same rights as if they bought any other goods. Read this section to make sure you're abiding by the rules of buying or selling this animal.

Dogs or puppies

There are no specific laws related to the buying and selling of dogs on general apart from ordinary contract law. But there are laws that you must be aware of if you keep, breed or sell dangerous dogs.

Cats or kittens

If you're buying or selling a cat or kitten, make sure you know your rights.