We have a wide range of services to help landlords manage their properties for the full letting lifecycle, from an initial rental agreement through to termination of tenancy and repossession. If you have investment properties, need a lodger agreement or intend to rent a room in your own home, it is vital that there is documentation to identify both yours and your tenant's rights and obligations. Without this, there could be significant problems regaining possession of your property or making sure you receive rent on time, but if the worst does happen, our possession services can help you deal with that too.

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The range of Slater & Gordon Lawyers online landlord services available are outlined below:


Residential - Tenancy agreements

This document creates an agreement to be used by the owner of a house or flat who wishes to take on a lodger to occupy part of the house or flat with them. If you are taking on more than one lodger in… Read more
Price : £29.00
This agreement should be used by a landlord who wishes to take on a lodger with the option of providing cleaning services and/or breakfast. The agreement creates a licence and not a lease, which allows… Read more
Price : £29.00
This document should be used by landlords of a residential property to create a fixed-term assured shorthold tenancy agreement. Specific clauses are included to cover gas, electrical and fire safety and… Read more
Price : £29.00

Residential - Notices and letters

This pack contain important documents to help landlords manage the tenants within their property, from vetting prospective tenant, confirming their status, demanding rent and managing a tenants deposit… Read more
Price : £29.00