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Prenuptials and living together

Although it's not exactly romantic preparing a pre-nuptial or a pre-civil marriage form, one can help to avoid a lot of problems should the relationship end. For couples who choose to live together, a cohabitation agreement gives the same benefits. In the UK pre-nuptials are not yet legally binding, but there are proposals to change the law, and when ruling on divorce settlements, the courts are swayed by the contents of an existing prenuptial or civil partnership agreement.

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If you decide at any point that you would prefer to discuss your circumstances with a Family specialist and let them handle your pre-nuptial or pre-civil marriage documents personally instead, our legal team offer this as well. It is charged separately to this on-line service but your matter will be discussed and executed in complete confidence with one of our very experienced lawyers. Should you wish to do this please call free on 0808 175 7717.

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