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This part of the site provides legal information and documents to help you through the building life cycle, from setting up the initial contracts through to dealing with any complaints during or after a building project has been completed. We provide a range of fixed-priced services to cover many situations - from contracting with a builder through to successfully terminating if the work is not completed satisfactorily.

Contracting with a builder

Use this landscaping contract when entering into an agreement with a landscaping contractor to provide new landscaping work and/or maintenance services. The document provides for an option to incorporate… Read more
Use this letter to request an estimate or a quotation from a builder for undertaking building work. An estimate is an educated guess at what a job may cost, whilst a quotation is a fixed price for the… Read more
This document is a contract for a contractor to carry out small-scale building work to a residential property. It is intended for use by the owner of the property or the contractor. It should only be used… Read more

Managing a builder

If you have agreed a date for completion of building works, or been given an indication of a date, and the work has not been completed by your builder, you can use this document to create a complaint… Read more
Use this document after you have sent our 'Request faulty building work to be fixed' and 'Letter enclosing estimates to complete building work' and your new builder has completed the outstanding work. If… Read more
If you have terminated your builder's contract using our ‘Letter terminating contract for failure to complete outstanding building work’, you can then use this letter to enclose the estimates… Read more
Use this letter to terminate the contract with your builder and to advise him/her that you will be employing another builder to complete the work. Before using this document, you should have sent our… Read more
This pack provides important documents that can be used in the event of a problem during the course of your building project. It provides templates for engaging with the builder for a series of actions… Read more
If you have instructed a builder to carry out work for you, and the final invoice has exceeded the quotation or estimate, you can use this letter to reject your builder's bill. An estimate may be slightly… Read more
If you or your builders need to go on to your neighbour's land to carry out necessary repair works on your property, you can use this letter to request access. If your neighbour refuses consent, you might… Read more
If you have employed a builder whose work was faulty or who used materials which did not conform to the contract, use this letter to ask them to fix the faults free of charge. It warns that if they don't… Read more

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